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Maui Bus Rates and Fees Study Recommendations

The Maui Bus Rates and Fees Study completed a review of the existing rates and fees, or fare structure,
on fixed-route, commuter, and paratransit service. The study considered recommendations from the Maui Short Range Transit Plan and the Council's Performance and Fiscal Audit of the Department of Transportation. With feedback from the public, the County Administration, the County Council, and agency staff, the project team developed short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations for Maui Bus fares.


The short-term rates and fees recommendations are were approved as part of
the Fiscal Year 2022 budget and will be implemented on July 1, 2021. 

The changes include:
1) one reduced fare category for monthly pass on fixed route
2) free fares for children 5 and under
3) replacement of paratransit passes with a discounted 12-ride ticket book



















FY2022 Fare Structure Table for Website.

View the Maui Bus Rates and Fees Study findings
and recommendations in the Fare Analysis Summary below:

The Study also developed performance management, public outreach, and fare policy standards for Maui Bus.

View or download our full project report below:

We held a virtual open house on the County of Maui's Facebook Live on October 15, 2020. We shared some initial suggestions and asked attendees about how much Maui Bus riders should pay to board the bus.
Check out the presentation below.

Watch the Virtual Open House here:

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